How to Take Good Measurements

15 Mar
                                  Vintage Blocks by Alex Keller

For lovers of vintage clothing, sellers and buyers, this is an important topic. We do not always have the opportunity to try things on, especially when shopping online. Knowing what it means when the seller says:

Bust: 34″, Waist: 24″ , Hip: 40″

is important for a good fit. There are plenty of other measurements beyond these basics that help you decide if a garment will fit properly or not.  At Secondhand Addiction we try to give the most accurate measurements so our customer can make an informed purchase.

 It is good to know what your measurements are and how to properly take them.

We have gathered a few great resources to help you, the vintage lover, establish your measurements and how much “ease” you will need in a specific garment for a good fit.

HINT: If you are purchasing a piece of clothing for a special event,  we recommend that your wear the under garments you will be wearing on the day of the event WHEN YOU TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS! IF you do not usually wear a push up bra and Spanx on a daily basis but you are going to wear those items on your wedding day, have them on when you take measurements. It is impressive how many inches these things can shave off a belly and/ or a booty!

Easy to understand Measurement Chart 

We recommend printing this chart off and noting your measurements in the column on the right. Be sure to have your actual measurements noted AND the measurement you will want with “ease” added to that.

The general guidelines are:
1 1/2″ to 4″ bust ease
1″ waist ease
2″ hip ease

So, if you have a 36″ bust then plan on purchasing items that measure 37.5″ or more. If the item is a knit or has stretch to it than you can go smaller if you are looking for a tight fit.

These guidelines are for garments that are fitted. A 40’s retro halter dress will look better with a tighter fit. Whereas if an 80’s style slouch or baggy fit is desired, a bust measures 48″ and you are a 38″ bust than this garment will work for you. You must use your best judgement. 

At Secondhand Addiction we measure our items flat. If there is a stretch we will try to give an idea of what the limitations of that stretch is without being uncomfortable for the wearer. 

We encourage our customers and potential customers to convo us with questions on any of our items. 

We hope this was helpful. Please check out the links and here are a couple more to make life a little easier!

Molly and Marion of Secondhand Addiction

3 Responses to “How to Take Good Measurements”

  1. alexkeller March 16, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

    love it! i always have such a hard time buying clothes online….and thanks for including my vintage blocks in your post – too cute! xoxo

  2. Mother Midnight Vintage March 21, 2010 at 10:23 pm #

    ha! i wish i could add that chart to my etsy shop announcement!!

  3. Diane July 12, 2010 at 12:34 am #

    This is great info. I tend to shy away from buying anything that requires a good fit to sell in my vintage shop, but I will use your chart from now on. Thanks!

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