Shoe Conversion Chart

2 Jul

If you are going to be buying vintage shoes, it is important to be aware that shoe sizes have shifted over the years. The best way to get the best fit is to get yourself a tape measure and measure your most favorite shoes and match the measurements to to the shoe listing.  International shoe sizing charts also vary but this is the most common chart used.

$10 A Piece Section in My Shop

5 Dec

I am always trying to clear the way for new items in my shop and want to encourage multiple purchases. Let’s face it; sending 3 items to Norway has much less environmental impact than one at a time. But don’t be fooled by the deep discounts. There are amazing items in this Section like these items!

The more you buy, the more you save!
Buy 2 for $9.00 each
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Here is how it works:
► Purchase your items and use the following coupon codes at checkout:
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6FerSale – for 6 Items
8FerSale – for 8 Items

► You pay actual shipping

New Items are added each week! Grab our shop feed to find out when new items are listed:

How to Take Good Measurements

15 Mar
                                  Vintage Blocks by Alex Keller

For lovers of vintage clothing, sellers and buyers, this is an important topic. We do not always have the opportunity to try things on, especially when shopping online. Knowing what it means when the seller says:

Bust: 34″, Waist: 24″ , Hip: 40″

is important for a good fit. There are plenty of other measurements beyond these basics that help you decide if a garment will fit properly or not.  At Secondhand Addiction we try to give the most accurate measurements so our customer can make an informed purchase.

 It is good to know what your measurements are and how to properly take them.

We have gathered a few great resources to help you, the vintage lover, establish your measurements and how much “ease” you will need in a specific garment for a good fit.

HINT: If you are purchasing a piece of clothing for a special event,  we recommend that your wear the under garments you will be wearing on the day of the event WHEN YOU TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS! IF you do not usually wear a push up bra and Spanx on a daily basis but you are going to wear those items on your wedding day, have them on when you take measurements. It is impressive how many inches these things can shave off a belly and/ or a booty!

Easy to understand Measurement Chart 

We recommend printing this chart off and noting your measurements in the column on the right. Be sure to have your actual measurements noted AND the measurement you will want with “ease” added to that.

The general guidelines are:
1 1/2″ to 4″ bust ease
1″ waist ease
2″ hip ease

So, if you have a 36″ bust then plan on purchasing items that measure 37.5″ or more. If the item is a knit or has stretch to it than you can go smaller if you are looking for a tight fit.

These guidelines are for garments that are fitted. A 40’s retro halter dress will look better with a tighter fit. Whereas if an 80’s style slouch or baggy fit is desired, a bust measures 48″ and you are a 38″ bust than this garment will work for you. You must use your best judgement. 

At Secondhand Addiction we measure our items flat. If there is a stretch we will try to give an idea of what the limitations of that stretch is without being uncomfortable for the wearer. 

We encourage our customers and potential customers to convo us with questions on any of our items. 

We hope this was helpful. Please check out the links and here are a couple more to make life a little easier!

Molly and Marion of Secondhand Addiction

Vintage Items you will Never Give Up

11 Feb

O.K. Vintage Sellers:
Please post a picture of items you will never give up! Here is one of mine:
Vintage Enemone Ring I found at a yard sale for 25 cents!

I will add more when the sun comes out and I can get a shot of the hand embroidered 70s Denim Fitted Trench that my mom embroidered with my name and my sibs inside a peace sign!

Please psot a link to a picture, blog or just a description! Or send a picture to with a description. The winner of the most awesome post will win a most awesome vintage prize!

Come Fly With Us

8 Feb
Thanks for flying with Secondhand Addiction!

1st Step to Recovery

10 Oct

SecondHand Addiction, as a business name, is both an attempt at a clever play on words and an admission of a problem that I have. Isn’t the first step in the road to recovery admitting that you have a problem?! This addiction is something very few talk about. The symptoms are clear and so here are a few of the signs that you have a problem:

  • You have 10 minutes to kill before having to be somewhere – you end up at a thrift store for “just a couple of minutes.” You are always late,
  • Yard Sales and Church sales are hard to drive by – Estate Sales; impossible!
  • You hear yourself saying “I could sell this” and “these cost $20 brand new” and “If I just cut a little off” and “I could get that stain out” all to justify a purchase of a useless item that you can’t live without,
  • Your closets, drawers, garage, yards, storage unit and even your car are littered with the above mentioned items that you will find a use for/fit into one day,
  • You get a physical high that is better than any drug when you find an item that fits, is your style, is the plate that completes the set, etc. (recent example: a hand crocheted 120″ white cotton tablecloth – mint condition for $8),
  • In spite of etiquette dictating the opposite, when you get a compliment, you proudly announce what you paid for the subject of the admiration, where you got it, and if you know, who owned it before you,
  • When traveling, you visit thrift stores in other cities,
  • Even though you live in a city with one of the most moderate winter’s in the US, half your closet is filled with vintage coats,
  • You call on the free items listed in Craigslist and Freecycle, even though you don’t need the stuff. It’s free!!
  • When shopping, if you happen to see something fabulous in someone’s cart/pile, you are tempted to liberate it from them, because nobody could appreciate the worth of a vintage item like you can. (If you actually do liberate the item, you should seek immediate help!)

I am grateful for my family and the support they give me in my problem; I have to shop for clothes, housewares, school supplies, yard implements, etc. for 4 people, not just one. If not for the Etsy shop I would have one of those houses that require a roll-off dumpster to clear out when I die, but I would prefer a giant estate sale, where all my coats can go to a good Arizona home.

OMG!! This Tartan Dress Skirt is Unbelievable

18 Sep

Just listed this at:

Here Comes the Bride

18 Sep

More and more brides are turning to vintage dresses to create a unique, one of a kind look that seems to be missing in the bridal industry. And why not? The appliques, beadwork, draping and lace are artworks in themselves. From bohemian hippie dresses perfect for a meadow or beach wedding, to the more formal dresses complete with train and veil, you will always find a wedding gown perfect for the mood of your affair on Etsy. Here at Secondhand Addiction, we have several beauties to choose from and here is our most recent posting.

22 Jun

Vintage Wedding

8 Jun

Tomorrow Marion and I will be photographing and posting again after a totally successful trip to Vegas. Second Hand Addiction followers get ready! We were tempted to shop in Vegas but Marion quickly reminded me of our quite full storage unit and the giant rack of clothing in her office that I swear has begun reproducing on its own.

We have some Vintage wedding treats such as a fun micro Gunne Sax and a maxi crepe lined cotton venise lace gown. The latter was created for a busty gal. If you are looking for something different check back soon for this dress. It is amazing 50’s vintage in excellent condition, empire waist and with the cutest little sweep!